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Monument to Michael Jackson

// feature film// Serbia, Macedonia, Germany 2012-2013 // 90 min.

The new feature film of award winning director Darko Lungulov (HERE & THERE) is in principal photography during October and November 2012. The Film will be finished in 2013.

The dramatic comedy tells the story of Marco, an optimistic day-dreamer, who decides to build a monument to Michael Jackson in the attempt to save his dying town in Serbia. His unusual idea attracts devoted supporters and threatening enemies alike.


No matter what I do, they love it

// documentary film // Germany 2011 // 80 min.

In 2010 PENROSE FILM starts to develop features and documentaries for multimedia platforms. The first project in this area is the documentary NO MATTER WHAT I DO, THEY LOVE IT, which was produced by order of ZDF- DAS KLEINE FERNSEHSPIEL for ZDF Bodybits.

EGAL WAS ICH TUE (TARILER) from Penrose Film on Vimeo.

The debut film of Romy Steyer tells the story about being a part of the world wide web. DIAMONDOFTEARS, HERR TUTORIAL and Y-TITTY are three of Germany's most viewed Youtuber. With their video clips at the world's largest video platform they are able to achieve more viewers than a german feature film by caricaturing themselves and the world, talking about their cat or world peace.

To attract attention between 900 million YouTube users, you have to provoke and polarize. NO MATTER WHAT I DO, THEY LOVE IT is about digital self-presentation, voyeurism and the art of banality which gives an insight into the real and virtual life of Germany’s most famous Youtuber.

The documentary film had its world premiere on January 20th, 2011 at the FILM FESTIVAL MAX OPHUELS PRIZE. Until then weekly webisodes about the making of have been made to arouse the audiences curiosity about the final product. You can still watch the webisodes at Youtube Penrose Channel and the ZDF-Blog.


Tatanka Skatenato

// Service Production // Feature Film Italy //Germany 2010

In the summer of 2010 PENROSE FILM has been in charge of the service production of the Italian feature film TATANKA SKATENATO. Five days the German and Italian crew filmed the drama in Germany, which will have it's theatrical release in 2011.

After the feature film GAMORRAH, the authors Roberto Saviano, Maurizio Braucci and Massimo Gaudioso continued with the screenplay for TATANKA SKATENATO
their succesfull working-relation, for which they already received several awards. Giuseppe Gagliardi directs TATANKA SKATENATO, which tells the story of an aspiring boxer.

Further information about the film is available on the Internet Movie Data Base .


Cindy doesn't love me

// Feature Film Germany 2010 // 90 min.

The debut feature of Hannah Schweier tells an unusual love story based on the novel by Jochen-Martin Gutsch and Juan Moreno.

Franz and David, two men who could not be more different, have a relationship with Maria at the same time without knowing anything about the love triangle. But when she disappears, the two men clash and take a roadtrip to retrieve their love.

Kinotrailer von

The 90-minute film celebrated its world premiere as part of the PERSPEKTIVE DEUTSCHES KINO at the 60th BERLINALE and had it’s theatrical release on 10th of June, 2010.

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Here & There

// Feature Film Germany // Serbia // USA, 90 min.

With the fiction feature HERE AND THERE by director and screenwriter Darko Lungulov, PENROSE FILM made its first move to the international stage.

The story of Robert, a depleted jazz musician from New York who finds his soul and the love of his life in Belgrade, won 22 international awards (amongst others the BEST NEW YORK NARRATIVE AWARD at the TRIBECA FILMFESTIVAL 2009).

The Serbian-German-US co-production was sold and released in Germany, Serbia, USA, Greece, Hungary and Switzerland.

For further information take a look at the official movie website or follow HERE & THERE on Facebook.


The Chief's Daughter

// Häuptlingstochter (OT) // Documentary Film // Panama 2009

Director Silva von Gerlach portrays in her documentary film THE CHIEF'S DAUGHTER the 17 years old Alina, who lives in the small village of the Indian tribe Tusipono-Emberá.

The 30 minutes film about a girl that tries to live up to the traditional demands of her tribe, but secretly dreams of modern life, was one of the first productions of PENROSE FILM. THE CHIEF'S DAUGHTER was produced for the German Broadcaster ZDF in 2009.


The Astronaut on the roof

// Short Film Germany // Spain 2009

All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun– this litttle wisdom by Godard inspired director and screenwriter Sergio Portabella to his short film THE ASTRONAUT ON THE ROOF which was produced by PENROSE FILM in 2009.

The lively narrated story about two writers who write a screenplay about the attempt of two writers to actually write a screenplay, celebrated its premiere as one of five finalists of the BERLIN TODAY AWARD at the BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS 2010.

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